Managing Your Kitchen Between Regular Grease Trap Cleaning in Mill Creek

regular grease trap cleaning mill creek Do you own or manage a restaurant in Mill Creek? If so, you likely already know how important regular grease trap cleaning services are. The following tips can help you properly manage your kitchen between visits.

Don’t Pour Grease Down Drains

It may go without saying, but you should never pour grease down the sink or flush it in the toilet. This practice is just asking for disaster. Potential clogging issues aside, you’ll still need to schedule grease trap cleaning to keep your kitchen functioning. 

Utilize Strainers

It’s a simple thing, but sink strainers are extremely beneficial. While you’ll still need to schedule grease trap cleaning services with a professional, these inexpensive devices catch a significant amount of debris and help keep your trap from filling up too quickly. 

Establish a Maintenance Log System

Additionally, consider establishing a maintenance log system for your grease interceptor or trap. Make sure all your employees understand your expectations and know how to meet them. Not only will this ensure your system is better maintained, but you’ll see where additional training may be needed.

When is Your Next Regular Grease Trap Cleaning Scheduled in Mill Creek?

Is it already on the books or do you still need to make the appointment? Don’t overlook this incredibly important service. Schedule your kitchen’s cleaning with The Grease Group Trap Services today. Locally owned and operated, we’ve served restaurants throughout the region for years. Whether you need interceptor pumping or assistance with your holding tank or under sink grease trap, our highly trained and experienced specialists are here to help. For your convenience, consider enrolling in one of our service plans to ensure you never get off schedule. Contact us today for more details or to make an appointment! 

Schedule Regular Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Mill Creek

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