Common Grease Trap Problems in West Lake Stevens

common grease trap problems West Lake StevensAre you worried there may be a problem developing with your grease trap in West Lake Stevens? Whether you have an under sink grease trap or a holding tank, regularly-scheduled cleanings can help prevent the need for expensive repairs over time. Issues can, however, still pop up. Becoming familiar with some common grease trap problems will help you notice possible warning signs so you can contact a professional for help sooner. 

Crossover Clog

Crossover clogs occur when debris builds up in the line between two compartments. You’ll notice an excess of fluid or overflowing in the first compartment. A specialist should be able to locate and remove the clog.

Incoming/Outgoing Line Clog

Another common clog may be found in the incoming or outgoing lines. When this happens, you’ll usually notice backed up sinks and compartment overflows. Sometimes this isn’t a problem with your grease trap, but indicates instead an issue with the city main.

Full Grease Trap

Clogs of all kinds are often a result of grease not being removed from the first compartment in a timely manner. Scheduling grease trap cleaning on a regular basis can help prevent this from happening.

Need Help with Common Grease Trap Problems in West Lake Stevens?

If you suspect any of the above-mentioned issues, Kingsgate Grease Trap Services is here to help. Our contractors are highly trained and experienced, with the knowledge, skills and equipment we need to address all your grease trap needs quickly and efficiently. From interceptor pumping to holding tanks, we’ll get the job done right with minimal disruption to your business. We also offer exceptional service plans that can help prevent the development of issues in the future. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment. 

All the Help You Need for Common Grease Trap Problems in West Lake Stevens

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